New Relationship Status 👀

New Relationship Status 👀

I am now in a new relationship….


I’m sure you have some questions… Liiiike..

Weren’t you dating someone? 👀 What happened? 👀 Was he even real? 👀 

Well, lose the suspenseful glares; I feel your beady eyes darting at me.

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I was dating someone.

He was and is very sweet.

Sometimes you need that in your life.

Sure, I could have kept dating him just to have someone around… But I’m not that kind of woman. 💁‍♀️

(I mean, it was only like 2.5 months officially).

I spiraled into a depressive state after Tip passed away. Also struggling with the situation with my father. Still not being over my ex-boyfriend (it would help if he didn’t try to creep on me). 

If you couldn’t tell by my last few posts. I was kind of… a mess.

(Not my usual every-day-mess status, but like, super-extra-mess status). 😢😢😢

I cannot very well expect to focus on myself and my growth and health and goals while also providing relationship level support for someone else when I was not sure how ready I was for something serious.

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Now, I’m not saying he was holding me back… He didn’t necessarily do anything wrong.

He was supportive and kind and obviously don’t forget tall, handsome and sexy… 😍

Buuuut something was missing. ✋


I was missing.

So, I ended it. 🤷‍♀️

Now, I’m in a new relationship. With muhhhhself. 

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^Me talking to myself about tackling my goals and achieving greatness^

I cannot emphasize how important is to be aware of your own emotional well-being and how it affects yourself and those around you.

If you are not happy with where you are at, you have the power to do what you can to change it so that you have the ability to work towards a goal of happiness in your life.

Ask yourself: are you happy? What makes me happy? Start a list. Write it down.

RIGHT NOW. DO IT. Add to it. Read it daily.

I believe my man-friend was and is important to me. I went into it with no expectations, no intentions, no knowledge of what would come out of it. I felt okay… But was I happy?

Sometimes, things just don’t work out and that is okay.

Do not stay in a relationship just to stay in a relationship.

Do not neglect yourself to save someone else’s feelings.

Do not hold onto things that are not holding onto you.

Do not stay in a job if you are miserable and you have the ability to find another opportunity…

I have accepted a job with a great company, with which I start next week.

kristenritter giphy
This new opportunity will allow me more stability, experience, benefits, and growth… While giving me more time to focus on what I love most: myself. *flips hair*

Yes, I know I have been quiet…

But I have traveled, tried to ‘relationship’ if it were a verb,  job-hunted, focused on my next career move, thought about going back to school and now that I have a great opportunity secured…

I want to shift the gears of my life into another direction. 

When I traveled to Philadelphia last month, I did all the touristy things. Drank too many margs. Ate a Philly Cheesesteak. And before you ask, no, the actual bar from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not actually in Philadelphia.

I do think Philly stole my heart.

We tried to catch the train to NYC and literally missed it by ONE MINUTE.

I swear it felt like one of those shitty movies.. But we made it on the next train.

We saw Kinky Boots on Broadway starring the one and only, incredibly and unbelievably talented Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco while in NYC.

*Or did Brendon steal my heart?*

yum giphy.gif

We rode bicycles through Central Park after drinking mimosas from my fave brunch spot in Manhattan.

Which I will tell you, this was NO easy feat.. (The bicycling, not the mimosas!)

It’s mimOOOsa, not mimosAAA.

This coming weekend, I am traveling to Dallas, TX to visit my dearest friend.

When I arrive home, I will start my new career. New perspective. New schedule. New goals. New Kristan.

“Sorry, the old Kristan can’t come the phone right now. Why? Oh, cause she’s DEAD.”
-T. Swifty

Unrelated side note, I feel like it is important to mention that I have already decorated my home for Halloween.

I am ready for what us in the south consider fall weather! 🍂🍂🍂🍂

Yes, I am aware that it is only September 6th. JUDGE ME.

pumpkin dance giphy.gif

I better treat myself right in this relationship. 💍💍💍

Be good.


P.S. Here is a bonus GIF of Brendon Urie. You’re welcome.

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Worthy. 🙏

Worthy. 🙏

This weekend I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming.

We joked that all future Spider-Man movies will be named after cliche high school dances.

Spiderman: Sadie Hawkins.

Spider-Man: Spring Fling.

Spider-Man: Prom.

Fine I’ll stop now.

I’m still rooting for Tobey Maguire but he was sooooo 2002.

For some reason, I had a quick thought. I believe it was caused by the dreams I had been having…

I was raped in one. My teeth were falling out in the other.

Insecurity 101. 

“Am I ready for this relationship with him? Am I worthy of being treated so well? Am I good enough? Will I fuck this up?”

A wave of insecurity and negativity hit me in the face for absolutely no reason regarding my new man-friend.

He’s been nothing but wonderful to me! Why was I thinking this way?

Because I’m human. Because of what I have gone through in previous relationships.

As much insecurity as I’ve struggled with, it would be absurd to never feel it again.

Those things do stay with us. They do not simply disappear. It is NORMAL.

We have to acknowledge the insecurities. Talk about them. Receive the reassurance and love we are worthy of…

That’s right. I said we are WORTHY.

I am worthy to get a foot rub after a long day. (Which he loves to give foot rubs so I’m lucky on that end!)

I am worthy to have someone to just sit with me and talk about our days with no distractions including video games, reddit, facebook, instagram, etc.

I am worthy to have a man who really wants to be involved with my life and actually treat me right. AND he helps do the dishes!

We will always experience self-doubt because it is human nature. We always think the good, the bad and the ugly. Focusing on the bad and the ugly because we do not realize we are worthy of the good.

It is easy to allow these overwhelming thoughts to take over but we must be strong. Train ourselves mentally to overcome these toxic thoughts.

My advice to you is to believe what you are worthy of and LET YOURSELF HAVE IT.

Do not allow yourself to be caught up in the negative “what-ifs” of self-doubt. Let them pass through then MOVE ON!

Take control of yourself, your thoughts and your actions. Be conscious. Be present. Be alive.

As Diana Prince stated in Wonder Woman… “It is not about deserve. It is about what we believe.”

No one necessarily deserves anything. Be yourself. Be happy and content being on your own and with who you are. Understand you cannot control other people and you must have your own strength.

If you do not establish your own true self-confidence, you will never relinquish your full power!

Establish independence and self-confidence. Then establish trust in others and confidence in others for no one can provide what you can provide yourself.

If what I have now with him doesn’t last, then at least I have finally experienced someone who is kind, gentle and caring towards me.

At least I am having this opportunity to experience what I am worthy of and I will never lower that standard again.

Which if you ask me, is a huge step forward for me to even allow myself this or allow someone to get close to me.

I like where life is taking me… How my heart and soul and mind are growing…

It is breathtakingly wonderful.

Now if I can get the rest of my life together…. 😂😂😂😂

Who am I kidding?  I’ll probably always be a mess!

One day at a time.


Sunshine Girl. ☀️

Sunshine Girl. ☀️

My whole life I’ve been nicknamed “Sunshine”.

My family, friends, strangers. They felt my instant positive vibes from my smile and emit almost like a pheromone from my skin.

I’ve always been capable of handling other people, even difficult ones, and always have been a person people come to for help and can count on. I feel their feelings. I cry their tears. I listen to their stories. I offer a positive insight.

Being an empath, I am able to imagine almost every situation from someone else’s point of view. Why they act how they act, why the make the decisions they make, why they say the things they say.

That person who cut you off in traffic and gave you the middle finger, maybe they are rushing to the emergency room where their loved one was just admitted. The couple arguing loudly in the store, maybe they just had a miscarriage. The employee who was rude while you were shopping, maybe their mother just died but they have to work to pay for the funeral.

You. Never. Know.

I always try to find reasons why others aren’t as pleasant as we’d like, I always smile and try to be nice to everyone. I try to do everything I can to help others.

I’ve been praised for how I am. I’ve been put down for how I am.

“You’re too nice…” “You care too much about strangers…” “Those things don’t matter…”

I’ve never allowed negative feedback to sway me or change my mindset.

One thing I had to learn the hard way is people simply will not care about you back.

They will not care about others the way you care.

They will not care about you how you care about them.

I’ve had to learn how to recognize people who want to focus on negativity, who lack empathy and who want to put me down instead of lift me up.

These people are toxic.

I used to make excuses and try to ignore the simple things. Like the road rage, the simple neglect for other people’s emotions or feelings, constant degrading comments about others.

Bumping into someone accidentally and the response being “Watch the fuck out, idiot!” or passive aggressively handling things instead of honestly saying how you feel and trying to fix it and keep going.

One time, I was riding passenger in a car and the driver was speeding. Someone was walking across the road and  I said “Watch out for the human!” and they, I’m NOT kidding, SPED UP faster and the person had to run across the rest of the way.

How hateful is that?

How can someone go through life constantly having negative, hateful thoughts about everyone around them? All they see is darkness. All I see is sunshine.

We are all human. Raised with different values from different cultures but we all bleed red.

Some people have conversations only focused around other people. Not about things, ideas, or things of substance. Simply focusing on people and how they are fuck ups or how they are stupid.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s all listen to Eleanor. I think she knows what she was talking about!

They insult you on a personal level. Don’t take any responsibility. They gaslight you and try to make you feel like you’re the wrong one. They reverse the situation onto you. They pick you apart and compare you to their “superior” way of doing things.

I have my own thoughts sometimes. I’m not perfect. I make quick judgements just as everyone else does.

My point is, I don’t let it over take my mind. I don’t let it take over my conversations and my relationships. I try to not make personal insults when I’m upset. I understand emotions are temporary and life is better when focusing on and emphasizing positive emotions.

I try to respect others. I try to leave room for openness, understanding and kindness in my relationships. I don’t hold grudges. I try to listen and not be petty.

The biggest issue I’ve had to deal with in being empathetic is understanding that other people simply DO NOT CARE.

I would try to always explain my side of things and hope they would see things from my point of view as I would try to see things from their point of view.

Instead, I would be shot down. Told I was selfish. Told I didn’t understand. They never let me understand. They never told me how they felt; they simply insulted me on a personal level.

My entire life, all I wanted was for those I love to understand where I was coming from and my thought process. Including my own family. I never tried to make excuses. I only wanted them to understand me.

Unfortunately, they were incapable of opening their own minds to welcome any other possibilities. They simply were not able to understand me.

I would have to “shut my mouth” in order to maintain any kind of peace and would feel like they didn’t care about me enough to listen to me speak and share my own views.

You can only take so much. You know what your limit is. I never wanted to give up. I wanted to be a good friend.

Letting go was and is hard. Especially since all I wanted to do was love.

Luckily, those people grew separate and apart from me. I’ve let them go.

I realized how toxic they were, how much they affected my emotional and mental well-being.

I’ve learned to stand up for myself against toxic people because honestly and unfortunately, they are a part of life.

I have learned to be aware, present and mindful of those around me. I’ve learned to identify “energy vampires” who crave the drama and the attention. They will suck an empathetic person dry.

Let. Those. Suckers. GO!

We must not allow their toxic personalities to infect us into becoming like them. What matters is how we react, how we handle the situation and how we handle ourselves. Learn to meditate, let all of the negative energy flow through you and make its exit, leaving room for positive energy and growth.

If you don’t know anything about meditation, there are apps and many articles online how to do it. Or shoot me an email!

When they go low, we must go high. They can be blinded by my shine. They may want to turn off my light…

But my sun will always shine. 

I do not have to become like them in order to protect myself. Once you realize this and you have your own self security and self confidence, you can conquer all of the energy vampires in the world!


Keep going, keep growing and keep loving. Be present.

Grow and love with me?



Loss. 😢

Loss. 😢

How can I even put into words the hollowness inside of me after the news of my first love passing away? (From when I was a teenager). It’s only been a week.

I had just spoken to him it felt like. Now he was just… gone. Seeing his name in my cell phone as an awful reminder that I could never call him and hear his voice or laugh again.

I should have spent this last week allowing myself to process these feelings of sadness, despair, loneliness, anger. Instead I went out, drank every night, skipped the gym, fell back into a certain kind of darkness that is especially difficult to get out of.. but this time, deeper.


I felt like an empty shell of myself, walking around, speaking, smiling… but I was not really there. Like I’m just watching things from a distance.

I made a huge mistake. Doing things I don’t even want to do hoping it will provide a little bit of comfort. Hoping it will dull the pain just for a moment. I didn’t even want it. There was nothing left in that empty vessel of a human either.

I wasn’t the only one who was empty.

If you think of your body as a vessel. Your heart has a special chamber specifically for feelings and emotions. They come, they go. You feel them, analyze them, learn from them, learn to love, forgive, be happy, appreciate sadness, see when anger is trying to help you, but do not let them take over completely.  

When you do not process them correctly, they stay, they fester, change, become toxic. Especially if you ignore them. Run from them. Be a coward because you cannot directly face things that have happened or the people they have happened with. Instead, fill that chamber with drugs, liquor, sex, fake versions of what you really want. This is what destroys you.


Feelings and emotions are here to help us process the world around us, have relationships with others, family and friends, experience happiness, know when someone has wronged us and how to forgive and move on with those people.

You don’t just give up and run away from someone who has wronged you if you really love them and want them. You must love and enjoy life how you want, with who you want. And if you don’t want someone, have the balls to tell them.

The few people who care abundantly and feel everything in their hearts… they somehow trick themselves into thinking the others care as much as they do. It’s only when they’re slapped in the face by reality, in this case, my friend passing away, that they realize that the person they thought would care, simply doesn’t.

And at this point, with all of the emptiness, pain, anger, sadness, mixed with probably too much wine and lack of sleep, I have to get my shit together, re-read my first few blog posts, write a bunch of new ones that I’ll never post and pick myself up.

The difference between my emptiness and theirs is mine is temporary.

I care about those around me, I want to live a life of happiness and have meaningful relationships with family, and a future spouse, and friends. I want to acknowledge my feelings, learn from them, grow, and move forward. They don’t.

Just because someone else is a coward and is giving up, it doesn’t mean you have to. You just have to refocus your energy into another direction instead of one that keeps bouncing back because it will not be accepted from them.

Being happy is not easy. Being positive is not easy. Being healthy is not easy. Being good to yourself is not easy.


There is so much negative energy in this world. When someone you want to spread your positive energy around with rejects you, it is so difficult to keep on keeping on. It is difficult to not be consumed by the sadness, anger, loneliness and darkness. When someone you care about dies, it is easy to just spiral down and stay down.

You must get rid of all of the negative energy. Throw away those things you’ve been holding onto because of “what-ifs”. Light it all on fire. (Permitting it is legal!). Change your phone number. Block the negativity on social media. Make positive plans to hang with positive people who actually care about and want you around and in their lives.

Don’t care if they hate your writing and say you’re only doing it to make people feel sorry for you. They’re jealous of you success and your ability to handle emotions, process feelings and understand them. They have become toxic with their stagnant emotions.

All you can do is move forward. Say your goodbyes to those that have died and also those who do not care enough to be in your life anymore, have a good and ugly cry, have a glass of wine and fake it until you make it.

If they cared, they’d be there.


Never let them keep you down for long. Never. Allow. Your. Heart. To. Harden.

Allow yourself to feel and appreciate the emotions but then get the fuck up and keep on being a rock star. Go after what you want.

Use that energy. Focus on what you want. Make it happen.

Kind of like when you high five someone, if you stare at their elbow, you’ll NEVER miss their hand. For real.

Stare at the elbow of the life you want, and swing at it. Don’t give up on yourself, don’t give up on your goals, don’t give up on love.



I’ll miss you and love you always.

I’m giving back your heart on my shoulder. I don’t want it anymore.


LISTEN: This song is by Train. I am seeing this in concert this week. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen them but I’ll never get tired of it.

“Am I Reaching You Now” – Train

“Would you believe me
If I said my head is spinning without you
Would you believe me
If I just want to let you know how I feel about you
Now I want to know what I can do to make you stay with me tonight
‘Cause I do
Would you believe me if I leave you, cause here I go
Am I reaching you now
I’m just trying to tell you that I’m letting you go
Am I reaching you now
Dearly departed now that you’ve started, I’m going to finish it
Would you believe me
If I held on too tight to make it without you
Would you believe me
If I just gotta let you know I cant live without you
Would you believe me if I leave you cause here I go
Am I reaching you now
I’m just trying to tell you that I’m letting you go
Am I reaching you now
Dearly departed, now that you’ve started it, I’m going to finish it
Now I don’t mean to test your faith
Or make you think that I wont wait for you
‘Cause I will
But baby this is all I got
So I’m gonna give it one last shot
I would give you more than enough
But baby I got to let go
Let you go
Would you believe me
Am I reaching you now
I was trying to tell you I was letting you go
Am I reaching you now
Dearly departed, now that you’ve started, I’m going to finish it
Gotta finish it
Gotta finish it
Dearly departed, now that you’ve started, I’m gonna finish it”